WordPress Page vs Post When You Create Your Blog..

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Should I use the WordPress Page or Post when creating my blog content?

I just discovered I´ve not been totally aware of the importance between the WordPress page vs post choice…argh…!!

If you create your blog using the free platform WordPress you most certainly know you can create content using both the post and page features. I suppose it´s the same on other blog platforms as well…

I haven´t been blogging/creating webpages for some years now but thought I would start again as I have businesses that people are asking me about and I like to have my information easily searchable so that anyone can google me/my businesses and get the answers or the help they are looking for…

So… I thought: – “why not take a class to freshen up my blogging skills and my skills in monetizing my blogs..”

Learning new blogging skills with Wealthy Affiliate

After some googling and YouTubing I found the training I wanted. It´s called The Wealthy Affiliate. If you´d like to check that out yourself I´ve posted an article about the platform (which is free by the way) ==>> The Wealthy Affiliate

In this training I´ve learned a lot and if you take “a tour” on this site you will see traces from what I´ve learned…some skills I had prior to Wealthy Affiliate and some skills I had to relearn and some are totally new..like the understanding of using wordpress page vs post…

What I learned about WordPress Page vs Post..

I learned that posts are more search friendly and will get better ranked when Google index the content of my site…this lead me to make changes on one of my websites (www.druvemusik.se – my music website) and copy several pages and turn them into posts, because I wanted the material to be ranked in Google. On these particular pages I had my music scores and of course I want each and everyone of my songs to be searchable…

To have these posts where I normally have my pages (as tabs) on my website I had to go into appearance/menus and create a menu and put my post in that menu. I never knew you could do that…so I´m greatly thankful for this important information from The Wealthy Affiliate Program, hurrah:-)!

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