Why Learn Speed Writing?

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Why would you want to learn Speed Writing?

Why Learn Speed Writing?

Why Learn Speed Writing?

I just came across the concept of speed writing or power writing as it´s also called..

Who is Speed Writing it for?

Anyone who´d like to be a more productive writer, blogger or producer of words in any form.

You can use the same concept when it comes to producing a video or really anything..

It is about being productive in a short period of time…let´s say 30 minutes…you decide what your goal for these 30 minutes is…and off you go.

Why Speed Writing?

Learning speed writing will make you more effective, you will learn to focus on ONE task at a time. Thus, you will get more out of your time and be able to accomplish more in a certain period of time.

How to go about Speed Writing?

Decide on a set time…focus ONLY on the task – no calls, no facebook-messages/text-messages etc. This is the speed writing only time.

What can Speed Writing Lead To?

It can lead you to more overall productivity. You don´t have time to go into details and do everything perfect all the time but..being super focused can lead you to greater content nailing the subject.

Where to start?

Why Learn Speed Writing?

Why Learn Speed Writing?

Set a clock – I use this free online clock: http://timer.onlineclock.net/ and see how much content you´ll be able to come up with in 30 minutes.

Let´s say your goal is to make a living online doing internet marketing and you have 1 hour every day to work towards this goal – wouldn´t it be awesome to speed up your writing (or video shooting) so that you´re done in 30 minutes and can spend the rest of the time on other marketing strategies?

Did you ever try this type of speed writing? Please leave your comments below and let us know about your experiences with speed writing, thanks!

Ha, ha, just got a call that I answered – and I got so annoyed with myself…just lost 4 minutes…and focus…but I managed to do this blog post including doing the picture in Canva above and taking a screen shot of the timer and upload it here to my blog…puh! Great fun!

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Why Learn Speed Writing?

Why Learn Speed Writing?

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  1. I’m new to the concept of speed writing – this has been extremely helpful. Thank you!

    • Hi Debra, I´m happy my article spread some light on why anyone would want to learn speed writing and what it is! Thanks for stepping by my site!

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