What´s the deal with Blog Post Comments?

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Did you ever think about the importance of blog post comments?

I sure didn´t!

I was just annoyed about the spam comments on my blogs and turned off the ability to comment on my sites…until now…

Because…I just learned about the importance of blog post comments, ha, ha!

Here we go.. Google likes comments and they will help your blog rank higer as your blog is considered:

  • Active – Google can see people are engaging on your site so the content must be up-to-date
  • Trustworthy – as people engage Google thinks your blog must have good content and that people trust your opinion
  • Interesting – with comment engagement anyone understands your blog is popular and the content interesting

There are probably more good things to blog post comments – please let me know if you think of something concerning blog post comments that would be beneficial to your blog.

PLEASE, please LEAVE ME A COMMENT below on this blog post to see how high it can rank, thanks to you.

Let me know if you have your comments function active on your blog or if you´ve turned it off.

My aim for this blog post (besides giving you great and valuable information on blogging success) is to rank for the keyword Blog Post Comments. Do you also write with a keyword in mind sometimes? I don´t do it all the time but as I´ve learned it´s a good thing to help your blog rank higher, I do have it in mind now and then.

Conclusion about Blog Post Comments

Google loves real comments – not the spammy ones. That´s why I´ve chosen to always approve of the comments on my site before they go live. I do that from my WordPress admin area. If it´s a spammy comment I just delete it. Good Bye!

With the knowledge I have now I will certainly be more active with commenting on other peoples´ blog posts to help them rank higher and consequently have more success, what about you?

I appreciate you all!

PS. I you wonder where I learn about blogging ==>>

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  1. Wonderful and informative about comments. Yes sometimes they can be annoying but they are very beneficial if done right. One thing I did learn in regards to spammy comments,did you know inside your wordpress dashboard you can turn off ping. That ping is something that allows for spammy comments look for it in your edit post section where it says quick edit and just check mark. Hope that helps. Plus like you said moderate all comments:)

    • Hi Cathy, thanks a lot for the info about the ping feature…will look into that immediately!

  2. Thanks for this post. I’ve been thinking about turning off commenting on my own website as the spamming is driving me crazy. Now I’m thinking hmmm – maybe not? Anyway you’ve sure given me food for thought!

    • Thanks for visiting my site Coreena! Happy to be able to spread some insights on what´s the deal with blog post comments!

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