What is the BEST Keyword Research Tool for SEO?

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People often ask me: “What is the best keyword research tool for seo?”

And when you do a Google search you can see this is a hot topic.

Why is that?

Well, people looking to create an online presence need to understand
keywords; they might have a local business, an online business, a network
marketing business or an affiliate marketing business. Anyone who don´t
understand the importance of keywords will create campaigns and blog posts to no avail.

Why do I need a keyword research tool?

Anyone who wants to market/sell something online via their ad campaigns or their blog articles needs a keyword research tool to help
them find these unique keywords that will make the campaign or blog post rank and stand out on Google.

What is SEO?

-“What is SEO?” you might ask. It stands for search engine optimization and means that when you use certain words the search engines such as Google will pick up these words and rank you blog accordingly; if you use a very competitive keyword or keyword phrase (by competitive I mean a word that a lot of other people use as well) it will be very hard for you to get to the first page of Google with your article AND if you choose to build an ads campaign with a competitive keyword it will cost you more than you probably can afford…)

What is the BEST Keyword Research Tool for SEO and for me and maybe for you?

I used to use the Google Keywords tool (it was free) but these days you need an AdWords account to use it.

What I found instead and what would be my answer to your question –

“What is the best keyword research tool for seo?”I would say the Jaaxy Keword Research Tool.

And it´s FREE to use! There´s a free version and a paid version and you can try it out for free and if you think it´s worth your money you just upgrade to the paid version otherwise you stay with the free option.

Simply perform a search below (drop the keyword / keyword phrase you want to check out in the Jaaxy box) to START your research…and voilá!

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