What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Do I Start?

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I often get questions like “What is affiliate marketing and how do I start?”

Lot´s of people these days would want to make an income online but they don´t know where to start and they don´t know the vocabulary of online marketing strategies.

Many have heard about online marketing but don´t really know what it means and some have heard about affiliate marketing and that people all around the world are very successful in the affiliate marketing industry and so they ask the obvious question: what is affiliate marketing and how do I start?

So this article will be about just that: what is affiliate marketing and how to get started

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Do I start?

What is affiliate marketing and how do I start?

Affiliate marketing is a way for a company to get its products or services in front of the eyes of potential customers. The company provides sales material (websites etc) and the affiliate marketer is a person who promotes this website so people find it. Every time a customer buys something from that website and you are the affiliate marketer you will get a commission from the company. The company can have lots of affiliates instead of paying for ads like conventional companies have been doing through the years.

Affiliate marketing is something that has been popular since the internet started. Companies only pay commissions when there is a sale (not as they probably did before the era of the internet – they paid for ads upfront without knowing if the ads would be giving them their money back – the marketing budget is often the biggest post in a company´s expenses, so not knowing whether or not your ad will be successful can be very stressful).

More and more companies now want to market their products with the help of affiliate marketers.

As an affiliate marketer you have to learn the trade – learn how you can promote the product or service of a company and get paid for doing so.

So “how do I start” you ask..

I got started many years ago by joining a platform/company online that provided training on how to become an affiliate marketer. This training was very expensive – I paid 1000s of dollars in various courses and masterclasses. I am thankful for what I learned. Much of that I can still implement when I work online.

But…not everyone has that much money so they can afford this type of training…and luckily there are solutions today.

So, when someone asks me today: “what is affiliate marketing and how do I start?” I recommend a platform where you can get free training and also set up your first affiliate marketing offer (you learn how to promote a product from a company) within that training.

This platform is great for anyone who wants to learn about affiliate marketing and how to get started but also for people who already know a bit about the industry and want to be part of a community with likeminded.

If you want to take a look and get going for free just click here and I will tell you more!


Please let me know (by commenting below) if you too are one of those who ask yourself “what is affiliate marketing and how do I start?”

Or, if you are already an affiliate marketer and have other suggestions please let me know in the comment!

I appreciate you all, thanks for visiting my website and let me know how I can help!


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