Free Product Review Templates

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Are you looking for free product review templates?

Free Product Review Templates

Great! I will show you the template I use when I write free product reviews on various products.

If you like this template please let me know in the comments and if you have seen even better free product review templates, please let me know…

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So, you just fill in your actual information by replacing the wording in italic below..

Name: Product Name
Website: Website url
Price: Product Price
Owners: Name of owners
Overall Rank: XX out of 100

PRODUCT NAME, Product Overview
Write an overview of the product with your own words.

The Good and The Bad = The Pros and Cons
The Good:
point out what you believe is good with this product here and/or in the bullet points below.
PRO 1:
PRO 2:
PRO 3:

The Bad: point out what you believe is bad with this product here and/or in the bullet points below.
CON 1:
CON 2:
CON 3:

Info on who would want to buy this product, what audiecnce it is targeted towards and who will benefit from using the product.

PRODUCT NAME Tools and Training
If there are tools and trainings concerning this product give that information here

If there is any support that comes with the product or service give that information here. It could be a community, a forum, personal/customer support etc.

Give the pricing, if there are levels of pricing, upsells, subscription price monthly/yearly etc.

My Final Opinion/Conclusion of PRODUCT NAME
What is your opinion on this product? Like…I think/In my opininon PRODUCT NAME is

PRODUCT NAME in short…
Name: Website name
Website: Website url
Owners: Name of owners
Price: PRICE
Overall Scam Rank: xx out of 100

I think this product is….


Free Product Review Templates

Free Product Review Templates

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