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Lilian Druve

Lilian Druve

Welcome to my site PartnerWithAbundance…Online!


I´ve been travelling the world a lot; as a musician and as an athlete. Having a regular job was not an option nor a desire for me. Instead, I was searching for something I could do while out and about, anywhere in the world. Something that did not require regular hours or a certain amount of time. I wanted something that could make me money when I had the time to pursue it. Something I could do from my computer or my smartphone.


When I was starting out there was not much help to get and I bought one online education after the other, spent thousands of dollars on various trainings that often did not lead to much.

Now that I´ve found my way around the internet I know what works and what to recommend.


The purpose of this website is to help you get started with online marketing or getting you to that next level if you are already a successful online marketer so that you can own your life and your time, being able to live your life to the fullest!

This is a program I recommend to anyone; the newbie and the seasoned online marketer – it can make you money – if you put in the work. It´s called The Wealthy Affiliate. If you haven´t explored it yet, please feel free to do so here – it´s FREE =>> The Wealthy Affiliate


Join the journey with me. Follow me. Ask me for help or offer your own
opinions. Thanks for stopping by PartnerWithAbundance and reading my
story. I´m looking forward to reading your success story!

Let’s partner with abundance and make the online marketing magic sparkle!

Wealthy Affiliate - Learn How To Build A Successful Online Business

Wealthy Affiliate – Learn How To Build A Successful Online Business

If you want to know me a little bit better head over to my LilianDruve.com site where I share more insights about “stuff”!

All the best,
Lilian Druve

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